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Wind Mitigation & 4 Point Inspections


Wind Mitigation

Insurance carriers offer credits and reduced premiums for homes that are equipped to withstand a heavy storm & hurricane.  

Have your home inspected to see if you qualify. 

Due to Florida weather, a high percentage of insurance claims are attributed to wind damage. The purpose of a Wind Mitigation Inspection is to see if you qualify for credits to receive a discount on your insurance premium.  

The inspector will look for existing building components as well as add-on improvements made to the property that show that it has the capability to withstand high winds.  


4 Point Inspections

 A 4 Point inspection allows your insurance agent to properly

quote & cover your property. 

Many times, a 4 Point Inspection is required when a homeowner is looking for a new insurance policy or when renewing an existing policy. The 4 point inspection examines the overall condition of a property by targeting 4 specific key elements: the HVAC, roof, electrical wiring and panels, and  the plumbing connections and fixtures. With the results from this inspection, the insurance company can properly quote and cover a home.   


The 4 Key elements of a

4 Point Inspection:

  • Roof

  • Electrical

  • Plumbing

  • HVAC

Wind mitigation and four point inspection

Clear Property Inspections provides a

thorough inspection and an accurate solution.



Thanks so much for being so quick in my time of need Reina. You and your husband provide a great service.
— Gary Bernstein